The Archaeology Centers Coalition and RadioCIAMS present “SAPIENS Talks Back”: eight conversations with students and scholars that expand upon the insights of Season 4 of the SAPIENS podcast entitled “Our Past is the Future”. In extended discussions, we explore new perspectives on how Black and Indigenous voices are changing how archaeology tells its stories, and just as importantly, who tells them.

SAPIENS Season 4 Episode 1 (1/19/2022): Guided by the Past.

SAPIENS TALK Back Episode 1 (1/26/22): Changing Archaeology’s Stories, and Who Tells Them.

RadioCIAMS · SAPIENS Talk Back: Changing Archaeology’s Stories

SAPIENS Season 4 Episode 2 (2/2/2022): Redrawing the Boundaries.

SAPIENS TALK Back Episode 2 (2/9/2022): Breaking Archaeology’s Boundaries.

RadioCIAMS · SAPIENS Talk Back: Breaking Archaeology’s Boundaries

SAPIENS Season 4 Episode 3 (2/16/2022): At the Heart of it All.

SAPIENS TALK Back Episode 3 (2/23/2022): Archaeology and Social Justice.

RadioCIAMS · SAPIENS Talk Back: Archaeology and Social Justice

SAPIENS Season 4 Episode 4 (3/2/2022): Curating as Caretaking.

SAPIENS Talk Back Episode 4 (3/9/2022): Decolonizing Heritage and Curation.

RadioCIAMS · SAPIENS Talk Back: Decolonizing Heritage And Curation

SAPIENS Season 4 Episode 5 (3/16/2022): More Than a Mountain

SAPIENS Talk Back Episode 5 (3/23/2022): Studying (& Not Studying) Sacred Sites.

RadioCIAMS · SAPIENS Talk Back: Studying (& Not Studying) Sacred Sites

SAPIENS Season 4 Episode 6 (3/30/2022): Slavery, Sustenance, and Resistance.

SAPIENS Talk Back Episode 6 (4/6/2022): Setting the Table.

RadioCIAMS · SAPIENS Talk Back: Setting The Table: Archaeology And Resistance

SAPIENS Season 4 Episode 7 (4/13/2022): Repatriation is Our Future.

SAPIENS Talk Back Episode 7 (4/20/2022): Repatriation & Archaeology.

RadioCIAMS · SAPIENS Talk Back: Repatriation And Archaeology

SAPIENS Talk Back Episode 8 (4/27/2022): Looking Forward/Looking Back.

RadioCIAMS · SAPIENS Talk Back: Looking Forward Looking Back

Making SAPIENS & SAPIENS Talk Back: A Conversation

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