Archaeology is about the present and the future, as much as it is about the past. Archaeology centers have a fundamental role as key institutional loci of undergraduate recruitment, graduate student training, and faculty development—a role that can be brought to bear on instigating essential change in the discipline.

Current Work

The ACC is currently engaged in these areas of work:

  • Roadblocks to diversity and inclusion: The ACC is surveying the hidden costs of archaeological field schools. Our goal is to identify hidden costs and provide centers with a set of strategies for overcoming them so these key centers of training can become more inclusive and help reshape the discipline.
  • The culture of field schools: The ACC is surveying the culture of archaeological field schools. Our goal is to clearly identify cultural problems limiting participation in field opportunities and help bring about real and consequential change through more welcoming environments.
  • Creating inclusive curricula: ACC members are developing new tools, resources, and opportunities for university professors to use in the classroom, that celebrate the field’s diversity of thought and practices.
  • Changing the stories that archaeology tells and who tells them: ACC member institutions have webinar series and podcasts to change the popular and disciplinary imagination of the field.