SAPIENS Talk Back E6

Clara Alexander  

SAPIENS Talk Back E6: Setting the Table

RadioCIAMS · SAPIENS Talk Back: Setting The Table: Archaeology And Resistance

In this episode, we continue the discussion that began in episode 6 of season 4 of the SAPIENS podcast, a conversation that examines examines “Slavery, Sustenance, and Resistance”, or what we might think of as “Setting the Table for an Archaeology of Resistance”. We are joined by Dr. Peggy Brunache, the Director of the Beniba Centre for Slavery Studies at the University of Glasgow, and Dr. Kelley Fanto Deetz, Director of Collections and Visitor Engagement at Stratford Hall Plantation.

This episode was made possible by financial support from the Archaeological Research Facility at the University of California at Berkeley. We want to thank our panelists for leading our conversation: Sara Ann Knutson, Jess Johnson, José Julián Garay Vázquez, and Helen Wong. This episode was hosted by CIAMS graduate students Sam Disotell and Rebecca Gerdes, and our sound engineer was Ruth Portes.